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International Students, Scholars and Professionals

International students, scholars and professionals at
UCF make significant contributions to campus learning, community diversity,
research, and global partnerships.


Welcome to the International Affairs and Global Strategies (IAGS) Division at the University of Central Florida.  IAGS is committed to enhancing international opportunities, services and experiences for students, scholars, institutional partners and the UCF community. 


(Jason Greene/Univerity of Central Florida)

UCF English Language Institute

The English Language Institute is designed to prepare non-native English speakers to enter universities and colleges in the United States.

Student Study Abroad &
Exchange Programs

Study abroad programs are designed to enhance the curriculum by providing unique opportunities for students to go beyond their regular coursework and develop abilities that will help them become more successful in a globalized community.


UCF Faculty & Scholar Research

 Become an internationally involved faculty member – learn more about international travel and research.


International Students, Scholars & Professionals

Interested in studying in a program at UCF? Are you a new or current student or scholar? Are you an international employee at UCF?